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Education Institution

Educational institutes

The main institutes of the city are:

The English medium Schools

  • St Mary's high school.
  • Walia global academy, Nagina road, near mansarovar pepar mills
  • Modern public school(samipur)
  • R.R. Morarka Public school,Dwarikesh Nagar,Bundki
  • Krist Jayanti school bariya
  • Shri Guru Ram Rai Public School
  • Shreya Public School
  • Mool Chand Academy Kotdwar road
  • Uptech Computer Centre

The Hindi Medium Schools are

  • M.D.S. Inter college is one of the most reputated college of district.It has its own Primary school as well.

  • M.D.K.V. Inter College is one of the most reputated college of District for girls.
  • Guru Nanak Mission Inter College.
  • G.I.C. Najibabad.
  • Green Light Public School
  • A.R.N. Kela Inter college.
  • Najibudullha girls inter collage
  • M.G.M. Inter college.
  • Qasmiya girls Inter College.
  • Qasmiya Muslim Inter college.
  • Krist Jayanti school, kotdwara road, bariya
  • Habib Memorial Girls High School Jalalabad
  • Cambridge co-education school
  • NATIONAL girls college Kalheri
  • Anandi pathshala


  • Rama Jain Collage
  • Sahu Jain College

Engineering College

North India Institute of Technology

Hotal , Restourant and Wedding place in Najibabad

                                                Walia hotel and residency

Hotel Walia Residency
Kotwali Road, Near A.I.R. Najibabad
(Bijnor) U.P. , INDIA -

For Customer Query :: 01341-231950, 231078, 9536053604

For Commercial Query
Accounts Manager :: +91-9412656912
For Official Query :: 01341-230750, +91-9837053604

Walia High-Way Resorts
Najibabad - Haridwar Highway
Bhaguwala (bijnore)

For Customer Query : +91- 9412656890, 9837387964, 01341-252108
For Commercial Query :: +91-9412656912, 9837053604

Wedding Banquets

  • Bharat Banquet
  • Kanha
  • Chadni Marriage Hall
  • Indraloak Banquet

History of Najibabad

Nawab Najib-ud-Daula, also known as Najib Khan was a noted Rohilla Muslim warrior and serviceman of both the mughal empire and the Durrani empire, Nawab Najib-ud- Daula was a noted Rohilla tribal chief in 18th century Rohilkhand, who in the 1740s founded the city of Najibabad in Bijnor district, India where he established the present day city of Najibabad, a state of Najibabad independent from Rohilla tribes, and received the title, "Nawab Najib-ud-daulla". From 1757 to 1770 he was governor of saharanpur, ruling over Dehradun.Many architectural relics of the period of Rohilla he oversaw remain in Najibabad, which he founded at the height of his career as a Mughal minister.
He succeed Safdarjung as grand wazir of the Mughal Empire and was a devoted serviceman of the Mughal Emperor Alamgir II later in his carrier he was known as Nawab Najib-ud- Doula.
Najibabad has five sites, protected by the Archaeological Survey of India : Cemetery of Nawab Najib-ud-Daula

  • Jama Masjid
  • Rohilla Palace (called is Thanna)
  • Pathargarh Fort built by Najib-ud-Daula

  • Portion of the old Palace

  • Tomb of Nawab Najib-ud-Daula

  • Mordhaj also known as Munawar Jar with lofty mound Called chaar minar
In 1901, Najibabad had a population of 19,568. Even today, several architectural remains of Rohilla magnificence can be found within the city .

All India Radio Station

All India Radio Najibabad (AIR Najibabad / Akashvani Najibabad)

Kotwali Road
Bijnor District
Uttar Pradesh
Tel: +91 1341 230329
Fax: +91 1341 230326